MIT - for spinal diseases

The minimal invasive methods for the treatment of the spinal diseases were developed by Prof. Dr. Ali Hassan in cooperation with human-neurosurgeons in 2002 and constitute decisive progresses for the veterinary medicine.

After reaching the exact diagnosis by neurological examination, x-ray, and computertomography, one of the MIT- methods can be applied, depending on the character of the illness. The periradicular therapy (PRT), the peridural catheter-therapy (PDC), the illio-sacral joint injection and the facet infiltration belong to these methods. In many cases an operation can be avoided by installation of different substances on the prolapsed disk under control of CT- and/or flouroscopy.

At the PDC the relevant substance will be given locally by means of a catheter. Depending on the indication, a recovery is possible within just a few days. Additionally, simultaneously this procedure gives further remarkable advantages. The time of anaesthetic is shortened, the infection risk is very low, the risk of bleeing will be minimized, and the respective patient can be treated as an outpatient.

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minimal invasive therapy for the treatment of spinal diseases
MIT (according to Ali Hassan)
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